Ptosis (Droopy eyelids)

The upper lids can become droopy over time due to various reason. One of the most common cause relates to age – the muscle and tendon lifting the eye becomes stretched allowing the muscle to droop down to a lower position at rest. Surgical repair can be very powerful way to aesthetically enhance and reposition the eyelids to give a more rejuvenated appearance.

Bilateral ptosis repair (External skin approach)

This gentleman presented with droopy eyelids in both eyes – more severe on the right than left. Ptosis surgery via external (skin incision) approach was performed which allow the eyelid positions to be repositioned to more symmetrical position.

Ptosis repair (Internal conjunctival approach)

The droopy eyelid for the this lady was performed from the inner side of the upper eyelids. Upper eyelid muscles were lifted in both eyes, improving her appearance in comparison to pre-operation eyelid positions.