What is Chalazion? How is it treated?

Updated 05/10/2020


Have you ever noticed a small tender red lump on your eyelid? A chalazion often presents as a small lump or swelling on the eyelid. They result when (meibomian) glands of the eyelid become blocked. Some patients are more prone to getting these than others and it can develop on either the upper or lower eyelid.


Condition such as acne, rosacea, blepharitis or any long-term inflammation of the eyelid are risk factors for blepharitis.


Chalazion can be diagnosed by direct examination of the eyelid. During the examination I will look beneath the eyelid to assess the extent of the chalazion. In additional I will also assess whether your eyelids have other associated conditions such as blepharitis, dry eye, rosacea which can often go hand in hand with chalazia. While most these may eventually resolve on their own, some may last weeks to months. Proper treatment will often shorten the episode.


There are different ways of treating chalazia. These may include, warm compresses, topical antibiotic drops and oral antibiotics. Other more invasive treatments like steroid injections or surgical drainage can also be done depending on the clinical presentation. These small procedures can safely be done in the clinic.


If you are suffering these symptoms, give us a call in Sydney CBD Eye Clinic or leave us an email to book in and have it assessed.